my sisters cat gives high fives




so I had to make a lamp for pottery and sculpture II so I worked on my project all day today and every time people looked at me weird bc they were expecting like a bedazzled lampshades or some shit and I’m not about that so I got finished and went over to my teacher holding this huge motherfucker


and everyone was just staring at me like “what the fuck is this thing??? what???” and then I plugged it in


people fucking lost it

All hail

the mighty glow cloud

We can’t have any slips. No nip slips. You get fined, just so you know. Big fine. You could probably buy a new pair of nips with the fine.

Alicia Fox discussing ring gear on Countdown. (via allonsyambrose)

So they expect the Divas to wear very little, but fine them if an accident happens? We see the guys’ nipples all the time… 

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Being a 20+ yr old on tumblr



My mom got a new puppy


My mom got a new puppy


So there’s a guy at my gym who draws these on a weekly basis and I don’t want it to stop
Part 3

when somebody says there’s a bug on you.


i was checking out at target and this guy was being really flirty with me and his nametag said rosemarie so when i left i said “have a good night rosemarie” and he said “rosemarie??” and i pointed to his nametag and he said fuck very loud then said “they are always fucking doing this to me”